Instant 20/20 Adjustable Glasses

Hey everyone I am back to go more into detail about the Instant 20/20 adjustable glasses. The reason that I like to use the Instant 20/20 adjustable glasses is because they are affordable and every time I wear them I am guaranteed to have perfect vision.

Because the Instant 20/20 are adjustable I can dial in the perfect settings for my eyes and see clearly. When I am wearing my Instant 20/20 adjustable glasses I can see more clearly than with my prescription glasses.

One of the most important aspects about the Instant 20/20 adjustable glasses is that each Instant 20/20 lenses are adjustable. That was really important for me because each of my eyes have a different prescription. So with the Instant 20/20 glasses I can adjust the sight for each eye.

The Instant 20/20 glasses are adjustable for both near and far sighted people. They also have a large range of prescriptions that they can cover. The spherical power range for the Instant 20/20 glasses goes from -6.0 D to +3.0 D. The Instant 20/20 glasses are versatile for everyone can be worn by many people. I like that the Instant 20/20 glasses are adjustable because that makes them glasses that anyone can use.

Because I have had issues with misplacing my glasses in the past I own a few pairs of Instant 20/20 glasses. I particularly keep one pair of my Instant 20/20 glasses in the car just in case I misplace my glasses while I am out and about.

One evening we went out to dinner with my oldest son and his family. One of my granddaughters also wears contacts and that evening she was having a lot of issues with her contacts. Well, the contact eventually slid out of her eye and she couldn’t see anything. Because I kept my spare pair of Instant 20/20 glasses in the car I was able to let her borrow that pair so that she could see for the evening.

All she had to do was put them on and adjust them to her own settings and then she could see perfectly. Adjusting the Instant 20/20 glasses is really simple to do as well. The dial is located right at the temple of each lenses and I just have to move the dial until I can see clearly. I was glad that I was able to help her out when she needed them and that wouldn’t have been able to happen with my normal glasses because we have different prescriptions. Instant 20/20 glasses are great to keep on hand in case of an emergency and clear vision is needed.

I think that the only thing I don’t like about the Instant 20/20 glasses is that they aren’t the best looking glasses in the world. However, when I need them, I need them and I’m not concerned about looking good while wearing them. They are for emergencies when I can’t find my own glasses.

I recommend the Instant 20/20 adjustable glasses to everyone because they are unique glasses that can help anyone in a pinch to see better because of the lenses that adjust for each individual. I use mine when I can’t find my own glasses and to wear around my home.

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